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Da Vinci’s Pizza is awesome!Brianna W. 5 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

I have eaten a lot of pizza all over the country. This pizza is awesome… great sauce, good crust and not too greasy. Very flavorful!
I agree with one of the previous reviews that I always look for a good bargain but the price is really not bad and it is well worth it. Everyone I have dealt with has been really nice and if you live in Smyrna the delivery time is pretty quick. We found out about them when they had a coupon for a free large pizza in the Money Mailer. Their coupon worked and we are hooked! 

Best Pizza in Smyrna?..Try Georgia & beyondDavid W. 5 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

Da Vinci’s makes the best pizza. We got the medium Da Vinci Deluxe. Thin crust w/ a thicker outside edge. The crust was crisp enough to hold the deluxe toppings w/out drooping; just the way a pizza should be. Their sauce is wonderful: not over powering but just spicy enough to let you know they are not afraid to “kick it up a notch”. 

I judge a pizza by the crust & the sauce but if toppings are your favorite part this is the place for you. They have 24 regular toppings & 13 specialty toppings. 

Great job Da Vinci’s! 

Sarah P.
Good eatsSarah P. | insider_guru Insider Guru | Rank: 1,847 3 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

I’m not a big pizza fan but was impressed with this place more than most. It’s kind of expensive but much better than the usual chain restaurants. I like the veggie pizzas 

Jonathan P.
TastyJonathan P. | insider_guru Insider Guru | Rank: 855 4 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

I’ve had DaVinci’s a couple times now. The pizza is high-quality, and I like that they have several vegetarian options in their specialty pizza menu. Their website isn’t that great though, and if I hadn’t had them before I that would have been a turnoff. The delivery was prompt and both the driver and the person I had talked to on the phone were very nice. 

Michael P.
Da Vinci’s Pizza DeliveryMichael P. | insider_expert Insider Expert | Rank: 6,002 5 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

Simply put, one of the best slices of pie that I have eaten. I had a few friends over one night, and they couldn’t stop raving about this pizza. The price is a little high and I am cheap, and it is worth every penny. 

brad b.
BESTbrad b. 5 Da Vinci’s Pizza Delivery 

I got left a menu on my door right after I moved here a year and a half ago. Since then I have yet to find a place around here that is better. The taste of their Pizza is incredible. they have many unconventional pizzas which are a great experience. The owner is very couteous and even knows people by names now. A GREAT PLACE . try the chicken alfredo!!!



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“Best Pizza in Smyrna” by J (1 review)
March 21, 2010 – Likes it – Definitely the best pizza in Smyrna, maybe even in Atlanta. We love the Bella Noche combination. There service has been great every time we have ordered. Recommend this review – Shill 

“Great Pizza!” by Paul (5 reviews)
March 18, 2010 – Likes it – I just like it, they have one of the best pizza in town! Recommend this review – Shill 

photo prime
“Pleasantly Surprised” by Barney (431 reviews)
December 06, 2009 – Likes it – Nice thin crisp crust and fantastic spicy and tasty sauce (really, one of the few sauces around here that actually has some taste and personality). Been driving by this place for a long time and now realize that I was missing a respectable pie! Recommend this review – Shill 

“Puts chain pizzerias to shame.” by Jennifer (1 review)
October 16, 2009 – Though I have not tried every pizza on their enormous menu, I am completely hooked on the DaVinci’s Deluxe. This is one of those “everything but the kitchen sink pizzas” that absolutely will make your tastebuds do backflips! DaVinci’s uses fresh, high quality ingredients, and their service is impeccable. Pricing is reasonable and on par with all of those other franchised pizzerias, but trust me…DaVincis is a much better value. I really hope this restaurant thrives and expands throughout metro Atlanta. For all you PapaJohns, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s fans, you have NO idea what you’re missing. And they deliver, too! Recommend this review – Shill 

“Fresh Pineapple” by Lula (10 reviews)
May 29, 2009 – Really likes it – We orded the Hawaiian for the first time and could not believe how good it was. They use fresh pineapple and prosciutto. It made all the difference!!! Recommend this review – Shill 

“The Best Pizza” by Lula (10 reviews)
May 26, 2009 – Really likes it – The Margherita pizza is amazing! We eat here once a week. Highly Recommend Recommend this review – Shill 

“The best” by Food Man (2 reviews)
March 27, 2008 – Likes it – I recently tried their pizza. I must say i am hooked. I have tried near every type of pizza they have on their menu and have yet to have even a remotly unpleasent experience. Each and every time i have called i have gotten to speak to the owner Jason Black and again here is a find in such a nice and friendly person. I recommend trying their pizza and i challenge you to find a better pizza in the entire state. 3 people like this review Recommend – Shill 

“Always awesome” by critical (2 reviews)
November 12, 2007 – Likes it – My thanks to everyone at Davince’s. In almost 2 years you’ve never failed to deliver the best pizza and gracious service. 2 people like this review Recommend – Shill 



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Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had

by Tasmac5 at Citysearch

We happened to stop by Davincis because we were in the area and I had tried a slice once before and loved their pizza. This time, I purchased a pizza for my entire family. The agreed with me – this is definately the best pizza ever. Unfortunately, we live in South Fulton County so it’s not a convenient drive. However, we have made this our new weekly pizza spot since our prior spot burned down. The drive is WELL worth it.

  • Pros: Food is awesome
  • Cons: One location – long distance from South Fulton


Delicious and great customer service

by Skippie at Citysearch

The desk clerk at our hotel recommend DaVinci’s and it was spot on! The pizza was delicious and so was the calzone. It is not something I often say about delivery but the service was outstanding too.

  • Pros: Great food
  • Cons: Little pricey


Great pizza close by

by jgarts at Citysearch

Bella Noche with Pepperoni added. That’s it, nothing else. Fabulous.

  • Pros: Fresh, great ingredients


Hands down, best in Atlanta

by mg112 at Citysearch

I discovered Davinci’s about 6 months ago, and since then I’ve never eaten another pizza… ever. Everything about this establishment is superior. From the ingredients to the customer service. I’ve never had a bad experience. The delivery is so quick its almost unbelievable. I’ve never had a pizza I didn’t like, and everyone I’ve introduced to this pizzeria, has raved about it as well. The new location is very comfortable for dining in, so now I’m not limited to just having it delivered. All in all, if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on the best pizza in Atlanta. If your not in Smyrna don’t let that stop you, make the trip, it’s 100% worth it.

  • Pros: great customer service
  • Cons: wish the dining area were bigger


Best pizza ever – second to none!

by jsjs1231 at Citysearch

My husband and I discovered DaVinci’s just a few months ago and we are HOOKED! I have ordered it whenever we have guests in town that I don’t have time to cook for but want to impress with something different that is above and beyond anyone’s expectations for pizza. I have also ordered it for several contractors that have helped with renovations in our house, and they have been most appreciative and impressed to get such high quality pizza. Everyone that we have introduced this pizza to has told us how awesome it is and those from out of town often request that we have that again the next time they visit. I simply cannot say enough good things about this company. They have really fresh ingredients, that wonderful made-from-scratch taste, the best crust ever (and I am one who usually does not like to eat crust of pizza!), and to top things off, their management and staff have the best customer service and are always so incredibly nice! I love being able to support companies that provide great customer service and go above and beyond, as I find that so rare in this day and age.

Anyhow, they also have pastas, salads, sandwiches, and desserts, as well as an extensive catering menu, so I am now planning to use them for an office meeting to give my coworkers something besides those generic $10 to $15 per person boxed lunches we always get. DaVinci’s is very reasonably priced, especially considering how filling their food is and that the quality is top notch! Zero complaints here…if you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out!

  • Pros: High quality, tasty, unique, filling, great value, exceptional customer service
  • Cons: None so far


Best Pizza in Atlanta. Period.

by aida3120 at Citysearch

I stumbled across a delivery menu of theirs about six months ago and decided to order the Soprano specialty pizza. Ever since that day, no other pizza will do. It’s absolutely delicious! I’ve been to just about every pizza place in atlanta and no one else compares. First of all, the ingredients are so fresh! From the perfect crust to the fresh toppings, and the perfectly made maranara sauce. If you’re ever in the vinings/smyrna area this is a must-try. My kids are even hooked. When its time to have pizza night, they don’t want dominos or pizza hut like most kids, oh no, they run and grab the Da Vinci menu.

  • Pros: the taste, the quality of service
  • Cons: I have yet to dine in, but it doesn’t appear to be a dine-in type of restaurant.



by seaborne at Citysearch

This place serves great pizza…..period. I live in Smyrna and am glad to have such a place so close. I did have some trouble finding their webpage so here’s a link….


Eat there or have it delivered… won’t be disappointed!

  • Pros: VERY Tasty Pizza!, quick delivery service, helpful delivery guy



by stillyk at Citysearch

This is the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had! I haven’t ordered from my regular delivery pizza place since I’ve tasted this pizza! Oh, and I have to drive out to Smyrna to get it and it’s totally worth it!! Veggies are always fresh, customer service is friendly, and I’ve never had to wait when picking up my pizza! I’ve had pizza in Chicago, Philly, California, Delaware….I’ve never had a pizza this good! I’m not counting Italy….

  • Pros: great service, FOOD, hours
  • Cons: parking at night is hard b/c of recording studio next door


Something for Everyone – Fabulous Pizza, Unparalleled Customer Service, Reasonably Priced

by njoffre at Citysearch

I was looking for Italian Delivery on Citisearch and came across this restaurant randomly. I called and “Jason” the owner answered. I asked if he delivered in Buckhead and he said not usually but agreed to since I had sort of a big order. I ordered several pizza’s and some salads and Jason was even nice and honest enough to tell me I had ordered too much for the amount of people I was serving! We agreed that he would have it delivered at 6:15. At 6:10 his driver called to tell me she was stuck in a little traffic but assured me she was around the corner. The delivery got there at 6:20 (in Atlanta FRIDAY traffic!!!) and they even brought a hole pack of paper plates for us! And just as we were all sitting around commenting on how delicious the pizza was (The Shrimp Tease is a MUST!!!), Davinci’s called to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. I was the Hotess Hero thanks to DaVinci’s – the food was fabulous, the service was so good it’s unheard of and we will 100% be back!!! Bravo!





14 Responses to “Feedback”

  • Jay Love:

    I was looking for a pizza to fall in love with near where I live and this is the one. I tried them for the first time last night and I am hooked. I love the thickness and consistency of the dough. It’s all gorgeous when you open the box (I did take out) and see the ring of brown crust surounding all that cheese and those toppings. And the sauce. I love pizza that actually has a great marinara that can stand alone but blends well with the cheese and added toppings. I had a turkey sausage 10″ and it was so delicious. I didn’t see anything wrong with the price. It’s great pizza and you can tell that some work was put into it when you taste it. I know I will definitely be returning to Davinci’s.

  • After eating two sandwiches and two helpings of pasta, I have decided this food is awful. I can only imagine my addiction to eating it and presumably enjoying it is because they put crack in it. I will be taking some leftovers home for further research. I will also ensure Jennika orders this again for the next Town Hall meeting as it will take several trial runs to prove that the food is not good but presumably filled with crack.

    Also, after licking the plate, I noticed it was not the color of my choosing. I would have gone with a neon green or some other bright color to warn me that I am about to lick through the plate. Not cool.

    This can’t be homemade because my mom’s pasta makes me puke, and this meal did not. Let that be known.

  • That food was amazing, especially catered. Usually catered food (ie Jason’s) usually loses its luster when then cater it, but this food was really tasty as a catered meal. I think we should use these guys in a future catered event.

  • Lane G.:

    Way to go, guys! I got hooked on your pizza when you were at the old location. Glad to see success (and seating) at the new location. Website looks great and I hope that sales continue to rise like the dough.

    …as a matter of fact, I think I’ll call in an order on my way home tonight.

  • Kudos on great service and even better pizza.
    Last night we were sitting around and trying to figure
    out what and where to eat.
    I had never tried Davincis but I drive and jog by you almost
    every day of the week.
    So we checked out the web site, picked up the phone and ordered
    two ten inch pies.
    I was pleasantly surprised to hear how quickly we could pick up as we live near by.
    I got there and the folks could not have been nicer.
    The best part was the most important part.
    Great pizza!
    I am very picky about the food I eat.
    Both of us loved it and you can count on many
    a return visit.
    So thanks & well done.

  • Greetings,

    I am Brittany Reese, Atlanta Cheap Eats columnist for I had the
    pleasure of tasting your delicious pizza for the first time yesterday. The pizza was
    so tasty that I was inspired to write an article about your restaurant so my readers
    could know just how great your food is. I wanted to let you know about the article
    so that you would have a chance to view it. Thank you again for such great food.
    The article was posted last night, with a picture of the pizza we had. You can view
    the article by visiting the following url:

  • Brian ittner:

    I usually make my own at home because the other pizza places can’t compare – then I tried DaVinci’s – WOW!  This is really good pizza unlike any other – just try it.
    Brian in Marietta.

  • Jennifer Schwartz:

    I had a “Best of Smyrna” pizza tasting contest in my neighborhood last Saturday and DaVinci’s won hands down!!! The contest included DaVinci’s, Blue Moon, Bella’s and Zucca. DaVinci’s won Best All Around pizza. We included a speciality pie, pepperoni, and cheese pizza from each restaurant. We had about 30 friends over and everyone voted…DaVinci’s is definitely my pizza place of choice from now on, and I think we generated many more fans on Saturday!

    Please let me know how to contact you on Facebook (couldn’t find the page during search) so I can publish the results to everyone!

  • Well, I am definitely a lady about her pizza! I am from New York and consider pizza an actual food group! So when I moved to Atlanta, I was warned to stay away from two things: chinese food and pizza….it was rumored you just wouldn’t be able to find the authenticity you were used to. After a while I got weak and tried out DaVinci’s after having their menu for some time. I was BEYOND impressed… I stared at the “not a crumb left” empty pizza box. There was a period of time for about 5 months when I ordered from DaVinci’s weekly….and I mean each and every week. And not only is the pizza some of the best I’ve ever tasted, but the people there have some of the best spirits I’ve ever had the pleasure of being around. You don’t find many establishments like DaVincis…..they’re simply top notch!

  • MSDES:

    today, i went to your midtown location for the first time. while my pizza was not prepared properly, your staff truly went out of their way to fix the issues. the great costumer service will keep me coming back again and again!

  • smyrnapizza:

    Thanks for giving us the chance to make it right and keep your business.

  • Jarrett Harber:

    First time ordering from the midtown location tonight. It was a great experience. The pizza was very hot as was the calzone and it was delivered exactly on time. Above that, it was the best pizza we’ve ever had in Atlanta, and as a Fellini’s loyal I say this with a heavy heart. Keep up the great work!

  • I sure wish you guys would start having online coupons. We order from you a lot, and it’s getting expensive! Blue Moon and New York Pizza Exchange always have coupons available (through mailers, or attached to their pizza boxes), so how about it?

  • smyrnapizza:

    Thanks for your feedback kathryn. We are actually redoing the website and we are going to have a bunch of good things for you. Give us 30 days.

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