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 What I know now is that truly great pizza is inspired.  It is made from hard work, thoughtfulness, and desire.  As more corporate restaurants invade our lives and pervert our food supply, truly passionate food becomes harder and harder to find.  My partners and I get excited to discover new restaurants that are food/service driven.  And, that is how the idea of DaVinci’s Pizzeria was conceived.


We wanted to have restaurant quality food in the pizza delivery community.  We worked tirelessly to find new and intriguing toppings, formulate flavorful speciality pies, and have speedy production times.  We have spent years tasting, experimenting, and challenging our own systems. We think what you now have is some of the greatest pizza in the city.


Now, we stay away from the definitive term “the best” because pizza is such a subjective entity.  We do think our food is some of the best around.  We do appreciate the work, effort, thought, and discipline surrounding our product.  And we want everyone to discover the pizza and experience our difference.


We realize this is not your typical “About Us” write-up, but it’s honest.  You guys don’t want to hear that Milas, Jonathan, and I have film degrees and have been in the food business for over 20 years.  Or that I am the food guy, Milas is the bean counter, and Jonathan is the marketing person.  That is pertinent information, but really only a surface scratch of WHO we are.


What we want you to know is that we are thoughtful, considerate business owners that make the food as authentic and as genuinely as we can.  We believe in the concept of community and give back as often as we can through donations, fund raisers, and charitable gifts.  ANY relationship with food should be a respectful one…and we hope to earn your long-term patronage, respect, and dare I say friendship.  Please, take care, and treat each other well.  Until next time, we hope to see you at the counter.








Davinci’s Pizzeria’s story began a loooooonnnnnnng time ago.  Many folks have vivid, tangible recollections of things such as their first kiss, date, or child.  Well, I had that same giddy feeling about a pizza in the late 70’s.  I still remember the taste of their deluxe and enjoying black olives (although, at the time, I thought they were anchovies.  BIG DIFFERENCE!!) I have often since tried to recapture that feeling, and sometimes I succeed, but more often I fail.